Welcome to the virtual home of Vocalist – Cynthia Christy and Author – Ceici Christy (One and the same)

Major League Rookies is a mystery filled with a love triangle and insight into the baseball world through the eyes of a female talk show host.

Ceici writes sweet, sensual romance novels full of passion and maybe a bit of intrigue.

In her  spare time she reads way too much, romance novels, mysteries, and thrillers mostly. She likes to get lost in the books I read.

She’s on a bowling team and when the weather allows she shoots a few hoops.  She hits a tennis ball over the net sometimes but  wouldn’t call herself a tennis player.

She watches pro football and basketball, and screams at the players on television as if she’s the coach, and they can really hear, understand,and care about what she is saying. Yeah, she’s that girl.

Ceici was one of the first female sportswriters in San Francisco. With over 10 years of writing experience, she developed community ties with many Bay Area athletes and entertainers.

Being a Jazz vocalist helped develop the music subplot for creating Major League Rookies – A Sherise Stone Mystery.

Ceici has served as president of the Atlanta Chapter of Sisters in Crime. She is an avid bowler, singer, songwriter and producer.

Ceici writes stories about positive, powerful women. Women who believe they will be successful. Women who marry well or not at all. Women who maintain the physical, they work out hard. They maintain lasting relationships and nurture them. They are thankful and show GRATITUDE.

Authors work really hard on their books, and love feedback – even a few simple sentences of encouragement. So don’t forget to grab a free copy of Episode 1, and if you enjoy the book, don’t forget leave a review and share it with a friend.


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